gigi – Hey Got Your Phone is a device that plugs into any 12 volt charging outlet in cars and trucks.


gigi “speaks” everytime you start the vehicle and says: “Hey – Got Your Phone?”

gigi also has a USB charging port so it doesn’t use up an outlet.

This simple reminder will help people to never drive off without their phone again.

gigi – Hey Got Your Phone is for everyone. Forgetting your phone can happen to a teenager, a busy mom or an active baby boomer with a full schedule.


Using gigi – Hey Got Your Phone is a piece of cake. Just follow these steps:


1. Plug gigi into the 12 volt outlet in your vehicle.

2. You are done!

Here is what you won’t have to deal with when installing gigi:

–  No bluetooth or wireless

–  No app to download

–  No wires to connect

  • reminds you everytime you start your car to check for your phone
  • save time, money and frustration by always driving with your phone
  • peace of mind of knowing your loved ones have their phones while they are driving

Does this look familiar?

This could happen to you:


30 miles from home and you have a flat tire. You just realized your phone is still charging in the outlet by your bed.

Where are you?

Have you ever left your phone on the kitchen counter? Be honest. Everyone drives off without their phone sometime.


Kids need picked up?

Your child called. You didn’t pick them up because your phone is by the bathroom sink at home. Don’t let this happen to you!

Shopping list on your phone?

People make lists on their phones. What if your phone is quietly waiting for you back at home? Will you remember the shallots?

Truck stop?

Now is not the time to remember you left your phone at the last truck stop. gigi helps you to never drive off without your phone.

Phone alarm go off?

Did your phone alarm go off to remind you of your appointment? Did you leave your phone at the office? Let gigi help you remember your phone.